Adaptive Learning with real time data analytics


Adaptive learning is a method that employs a data-driven approach to instruction and remediation, adjusting to a learner's interactions and demonstrated performance level, and subsequently anticipating what types of content and resources learners need at a specific point in time to make progress. Adaptive learnnig is a way of personilizing learning for individual students.

Edkairos’ adaptive learning approaches fall into two categories that are not mutually exclusive and both might be found in a single product or system offering. 


Facilitator-driven systems

Provide instructors with actionable student and cohort profiles, typically via a dashboard. Facilitator-driven systems provide information that instructors act upon. 


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Assessment-driven systems

Our platform provides dynamic adjustments to the instructional content as students interact with it. Assessment-driven systems make their own adjustments and allow students to move through the course individually or in a group, without instructor interaction.


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Data Analytics:

Edkairos provides access to standards-aligned content, technology and resources for teachers and students in K12 institutions. Real time analytic data can be used to identify gaps at a grade, course, section, or student level. 

Standards in Your State

Forty-one states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense
Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

Data analytics helps to quickly understand what your data wants to convey to you by using automation. The automation does all the hard work so that you can spend less time in analyzing your data using new and unexpected insights

Teachers and parents have access to key insights into students’ academic strengths and weaknesses as they create individualized learning experiences. Our chatbot system uses natural language processing to guide students through knowledge acquisition, application and review sessions.
•     Compare student performance to benchmark data
•     Identify trends in student performance by comparing results on state, national and local summative        assessments
•     Access innovative ways to better understand your students and teachers 

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