Edkairos, a technology platform where teachers and students access high-quality and stimulating instructional designs that increase engagement, understanding, retention, and overall achievement.

Face to face and online

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a major shift to online learning which worsened an existing challenge of engaging 50M US K12 students in learning. Edkairos’s platform aggregates and curates grade specific content and engagement strategies in Math, English and Science, that increase learning and teacher performance in blended learning, a mix of traditional face to face and online learning.

Improve grades and graduation rates

Schools cut cost by 60%

What we offer

Edkairos uses research based behavioral, emotional and cognitive engagement strategies to increase learner engagement. The company aggregates and curates grade specific content and engagement strategies in Math, English and Science, that increase learning and teacher performance. Alex- like bots help answer student questions and improve social engagement.

Combine the most effective elements of face to face and virtual instruction

Bots, gamification for questioning and social engagement

Assessment and three tiers of interventions - learner styles / abilities


• Real Time Analytics
• Diagnostic Assessments
• Designed for families, classrooms, schools & school districts
• Courses: Language Arts, Math, Science
• Standards aligned content and technology resources 


Teachers and Schools

Teachers / Schools will be able toIncrease efficiency in learning and cut costs with Edkairos Chatbots.

Phase 1 EdTech Chatbot Deployment - Multi Languages

Change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Chatbots provide flexibility, efficiency, empathy, and personalized learning. Overall, they help in knowledge acquisition and learning in the best way possible.

Chatbots are very important in K12 education. They cannot be a replacement of a teacher, but can be a teacher's aide. They can possess natural language processing, instant messaging, speech recognition, automation, and so much more, which can transform the process of education.

That includes:

• Provide great support as teaching assistants and also provide a means of interactive learning for students.
• List item 2The most practical and cost-effective solution for differentiating instruction and providing 1:1 intervention and remediation 24 X 7.
• Enhance students' learning capabilities - the overall learning experience is exponentially increased. Post tests, class schedules and so much more in an effective manner to keep student engagement. They can also participate in discussions and ask questions to students for further student engagement. The most useful thing about chatbots is that they can be available 24/7, to answer students' queries in real-time, and provide innovative learning methods.
• Live presentations. Virtual advisors generating channels where students could discuss any topic with an "expert", ask questions, and reach conclusions that would improve their understanding of different topics.
• Virtual Advisor Chatbots: The new K12 counselorsTheir implementation will make the learning and teaching process much easier for students and teachers.


Let's Engage 24 x 7

Content Technology Resources 

We provide the best design in blended learning courses that increase student engagement, understanding, retention, and overall achievement. Gamification helps to build students’ reasoning, communication, and problem solving skills. Check out our popular

Data Analytics


Edkairos provides access to standards-aligned content, technology and resources for teachers and students in K12 institutions. Real time analytic data can be used to identify gaps at a grade, course, section, or student level.

Data analytics helps to quickly understand what your data wants to convey to you by using automation. The automation does all the hard work so that you can spend less time in analyzing your data using new and unexpected insights.

Teachers and parents have access to key insights into students’ academic strengths and weaknesses as they create individualized learning experiences. Our chatbot system uses natural language processing to guide students through knowledge acquisition, application and review sessions.

• Compare student performance to benchmark data
• Identify trends in student performance by comparing results on state, national and local summative assessments
• Access innovative ways to better understand your students and teachers

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